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Advantages Of Diversity-Conscious Leadership - 950 Words

Diversity-Conscious Leadership (APA Citation) The United States is a diverse nation with citizens originating from every other nation on Earth. Despite this diversity, Americans have only recently begun to identify diversity as a integral part of the workplace; and put into practice programs to diversify, and therefore, maximize efficiency and production. However, simply diversifying the workplace, or any other place for that matter, will not automatically increase the efficiency of workers. It requires a diversity-conscious leader who has been trained and experienced in such matters to make diversity an asset in the workplace. Diversity leadership has been defined as ways in which people and groups relate to one another and how management [leadership] decisions are made in the midst of the differences, similarities, and tensions among groups. (Lim, Cho, Curry, 2008) And in order to accomplish this, a good leader must know the difference between the assimilation and inclusion. Assimilation takes a diverse group and homogenizes them, while inclusion maintains the individual differences between people and capitalizes on those differences for the benefit of all. For instance, instilling a goal-oriented sense of identity allows for each individual to maintain their uniqueness, while coming together to accomplish the goal. It is the goal that each individual concentrates on, not the differences between the members of the group. Also, a good leader will facilitate goodShow MoreRelatedThe Impact of Diversity on Individual Behavior1275 Words   |  6 PagesThe Impact of Diversity on Individual Behavior The concept of diversity has broadened in scope in the recent past, evolving from the concept of mandated quotas and affirmative action, to the reality of a diverse workforce being capable of providing quantifiable business value. A variety of external factors have influenced the conceptual evolution of diversity within the workplace. For example, globalization of markets has provided the concept of diversity with an opportunity to demonstrate a clearRead MoreLeadership Traits Within The Workforce Essay1583 Words   |  7 PagesEveryday humans experience the driving force of leadership as leaders exist everywhere within our society. Leaders help convey global messages, they help unite followers under a common purpose and motivate the public to get involved. Leadership, whether it be in a social setting or within the workforce is often a sought after role, so much so that â€Å"for decades, hundreds of leadership scholars have attempted to define the term, postulate theories, condu ct research, and write about the topic†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (KomivesRead MoreDiversity Issues Paper1016 Words   |  5 PagesDiversity Issues Diversity Issues Organizations who make a commitment to diversity can see a significant impact on business in many ways. Diversity â€Å"requires a significant commitment for change to occur† (Delong, 2007, p.9). It is extremely important that leaders understand the commitment and embrace it in order for a positive impact to occur. Employers with diverse cultures and leaders can build positive and successful relationships with customers, suppliers and vendors. They can better attractRead MoreOrganizational Behavior : An Organization1521 Words   |  7 Pagesrelationships by attaining human objectives, social objectives and ultimately organizational objectives. Leadership is the capability of the company s management to make sound deliberations and inspire other employees to perform well (Luthans, 2002). In the context of organizational behavior, leadership entails directing the behavior of company employees towards attaining a shared goal. Leadership is very critical in an organization as it results in higher performance by the employees, enhances motivationRead MoreConscious Capitalism : The Key Components Of Conscious Leadership1108 Words   |  5 PagesConscious Capitalism is a model of business that aims to have organizations create a positive impact on the world they operate in. The leaders of these organizations aim to marry the goals of the stakeholders with values, such as caring, conservation, equality, and respect (Mackey and Sisodia, 2013). The aim of this paper is to examine this type of leadership by comparing it to other models, illustrating the key components of conscious leadership. This will be followed by a self-assessme nt whereRead MoreDiversity Is It Feasible For A Leader Or An Organization802 Words   |  4 PagesDiversity Diversity has been a popular term in the business environment in the recent decade and has been revered as a way to make an organization more effective and more competitive. However, diversity for the sake of diversity is not necessarily effective. Is it feasible for a leader or an organization to discover and excogitate a working formula for diversity? How do can one setup a diverse team that will perform successfully? (Phillips, Lount, Sheldon, Rink, 2016) Outsmart Your Own Biases AccordingRead MoreInternal competitive environment of Tyson899 Words   |  4 Pagesrequirements; this is evident from Tyson’s concentration on protein foods when compared to red meat due to the increasing health consciousness among people. Tyson has created for new leadership position in order to implement the strategic growth of the company in an effective manner (Tyson, 2013). This has created more leadership position within the organization in order to increase the focus on all major operating segments of the company (Globe Newswire, 2013). This will increase the focus and competitivenessRead MoreBusiness Strategy Concepts Nike Inc.1034 Words   |  5 Pagescompetitive advantage emphasizes product mix diversity. Nike analyzes what products should be handled and what characteristics should meet to aim success. When applying a competitive strategy, the product plays a role as a link between supply and demand, so the success is determined by the ability of the company to overtake the competition and of course, by the quality of the product from the client’s perspective. Nike adapts their products to different markets, striving for diversity and reachingRead MoreLeadership/ Management Style. Ever Since Publix First Opened,1216 Words   |  5 PagesLeadership/ Management Style Ever since Publix first opened, the founder George Washington Jenkins Jr., believed that if a CEO takes care of their employees then they will take care of the business. Jenkins made sure to create an above satisfactory work environment where his employees would not only be happy to come to work everyday but would also be motivated. In the first ever opened Publix, Jenkins established an Employee Stock Ownership Trust. Creating this trust made employees feelRead MoreTeam Essay980 Words   |  4 Pageshiring an individual that can contribute to the continue success of the company.    2.  How do employee education, training, and development address the organizational needs associated with new employee orientation, diversity, ethical business practices, and management and leadership development?       In these tough economically-challenged times, employee education, training and development are crucial for the success of the company. It is important for an organization to be aware of who they are

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